Duoccio s.r.l. arose about thirty years ago commercializing fruit and vegetable products; gradually we became specialist in garlic supplies as in our factory now we take care of this item in an exclusive way.

This large experience combined with an indispensable adaptability to the market situations allow us to have the best garlic productions of the world at our disposal; this permits us to supply our italian and european customers with fresh goods of different origin the whole year round.

Moreover our own capacious warehouses (more than 10.000 sq.m.) property of the company give us the opportunity to supply large quantities of product; on the other hand we don't disdain the smallest orders either.

Our engagement, in fact, is to satisfy fully the customer. First of all with the quality of the goods; with quick and punctual supplies; but also with a large range of different packages. You can choose the net bags in boxes, the bags, the braids or the ball. Moreover garlic with typical tastes of the origin places, labels which can be personalized, a large selection of weights and variegated qualities…
Follow us and discover what we are glad to offer…
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